LHR's “Active Partnership” is core to the our strategy and distils the LHR Principals’ collective experience into key areas where our direct involvement and ability to add value serves as a positive catalyst to create value.

We believe our partnership-based approach to working with management teams to support the achievement of targeted project outcomes positions LHR as an attractive investment-partner in an increasingly competitive market.

LHR’s team of experienced investment and technical professionals brings together individuals with a shared history and successful track record of investing in advancing mining projects through the development cycle to commercial production.

The mobilization of these skill sets, together with our focus on pre-production projects, enables us to add value at those inflection points where our ability to influence project outcomes and the impact of our involvement is maximized.

The Lionhead Toolkit

The Lionhead Toolkit adds value across strategy, operations, ESG, profile and global access. Through monthly financial and technical meetings, participatory board seats and advisory roles, we actively support management teams