Floyd Varley

Technical Consultant +

Floyd Varley

Technical Consultant

Floyd is a technical advisor of Lionhead Resources. He has over 40 years of mining industry experience across a diverse range of operating mines and development projects, geographies and commodities. Floyd is responsible for leading the firm’s technical due diligence where he actively contributes operational and technical insights, working closely with the finance team.

Prior to LHR, Floyd has held positions of COO, VP Operations and General Manager of operating mines and development projects in the US and Canada for Trafigura, Morton Salt, and several publicly held junior mining companies. Floyd has also led teams in mine risk assessment and management for Vale Sudbury, Oyu Tolgoi and the US government (NIOSH) outreach to US mines. Floyd’s experience has spanned broad aspects of mining projects, including mineral resource development, mine construction, operations, environmental management and permitting, project finance and project management.

Floyd holds a BSc in Mining Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario.

Our Technical Experts are current industry leaders and advisors

LHR is supported by a full multidisciplinary bench of technical experts, providing advisory services across a range of future critical minerals.

They work actively alongside our team to drive the success of companies in which we invest. Additionally, our Technical Experts play a strategic role when performing diligence and analyzing potential investments.